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Asset / Equipment Finance Products

(Chattel Mortgage / Hire Purchase (Asset Purchase) / Finance Lease / Operating Lease (Rental / Escrow)


ProLENDING offers you a complete range of products and repayment structures when financing vehicles, fixtures and fittings and business equipment. We offer fast and flexible finance solutions to help save you time and money.


Chattel Mortgage / Hire Purchase

Chattel Mortgage and Hire Purchase (also known as Asset Purchase) are usually preferred by individuals and private companies who like to ultimately own their equipment. These facilities are often cash flow efficient, as a GST input credit is still available even though the asset has not been fully paid for. Various structures are available over terms of up to 5 years for motor vehicles and up to 7 years for certain equipment/chattels.

Finance Lease

This is the most common form of Lease agreement, usually preferred by private companies who like to acquire the asset at the end of the lease by offering to pay the pre-determined “residual” value, and by individuals who with the help of their Accountants, require this product for tax purposes including pre-payment options. Terms, residuals and rental frequency can be structured to suit a client’s specific cash flow requirements, or to maximize tax benefits during the lease period. Lease payments are fixed at the beginning of the Lease term, although variable rate facilities may be available for facilities over $1 million for certain goods/chattels.

Operating Lease

Many Medical Suppliers and Medical Professions prefer this type of finance along with larger hospitals, corporates and Government departments. Mainly this is due to the fact  Operating Leases are treated as an “operating” rather than a “capital” expense. Ie: equipment can be acquired against an operating budget without the need to obtain capital expenditure approval. Both the asset and liability remain off the balance sheet, which leaves gearing ratios intact. Interest rates are fixed at the beginning of the term, which allows for precise budgeting analysis from day one.


Lease all the assets for your practice in one project with one repayment structure. All payments and draw-downs required over the life of your project will be coordinated by ProLENDING and the Lender. Then, at completion of works, you can roll the final amount into one simple lease arrangement. At settlement, the loan can be converted to  a lease, hire purchase or chattel mortgage and repayments can be structured to suit cash flow. The escrow is ideal for full practice fit-outs, and finance terms range from six months to 7 years.

Commercial Property Finance

The purchase of a commercial property, whether it is for your practice or as an investment, may be one of your largest funding requirements. We have access to a large number of lenders who will offer commercial mortgages structured to suit your needs and cash flow. If you are setting up your practice we can assist with financing the premises, as well as the fit-out and relevant equipment.

Our finance consultants will help you select the best loan from over 20  lenders, taking into account your business structure, cash-flow and  tax requirements. Loan options include: Interest-only or Principal & Interest loans, Variable or fixed rates, Construction loans and Loan splits.

We can assist with funds for the purchase or refinance of the following: Commercial Properties, Commercial Development, Residential Development, Industrial, Rural Properties, Hotels, Shops, Offices and Warehouse .

Residential Mortgages

ProLENDING has a dedicated Home Loan Specialist and partners with external mortgage professionals who, together, have the expertise to tailor a home loan that best suits your needs. We have access to all major lenders, thereby enhancing your options and finessing your pricing.

Select the best mortgage from a full list of providers, whether you are buying your first home, an investment property or selling your current home and buying another. Let us help you when building or renovating, or refinancing an existing home loan.

Investment Property Loans

Our property finance consultants will help you select the best loan for your new purchase, to refinance an existing loan and lower your monthly repayments, or to ensure you get the maximum value of your investment.

Home Loans and Investment Property Loan options include: Variable or fixed rates, Top-up Loans, Equity redraw, Offset accounts, Professional packages, First home-buyer loans, Construction and land loans, Refinancing and debt reduction, Reverse mortgages, Loan splits, Interest-only or Principal & Interest loans

Goodwill and practice purchase loans

Whether you want to buy a practice, a share in a practice, or free up some capital, ProLENDING provides a range of options which enable healthcare practitioners to acquire a practice using business goodwill and equipment to support the facility.

We can assist obtaining such finance, as well as with any accounting and legal requirements you may have around the transaction. If you have equity/goodwill in your existing practice we can arrange a facility to redraw against secured assets or goodwill already in your practice, to raise finance for personal or business needs.


“Which finance option is best for you?”

Simply contact us directly, or send an online finance enquiry for a quote and / or more information and one of our Finance Consultants will contact you shortly.