ProLENDING proudly supports the UQMS Med Revue – 2014

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med revue 2014





Once Upon a Chyme 

 Med Revue 2014 Schonell Theatre

 Adventure stirs upon our stage

 This tale’s a classic for the age

 There’s many laughs and fun in store

 We’re bound to leave you wanting more

 If you would like a great night out

 And want to know what we’re about

 Then we have got the show for you

 So buy a seat for Med Revue!


Med Revue is a medical student variety show at the University of Queensland put on by the UQ Medical Society (UQMS).

Students from all four years of med come together to create a hilarious comedy that is jam packed with puns, parodies, and Professor Parker’s pecs.

Med students act, sing, write, direct, play instruments, and do most of the tech for the show making it a truly home grown production!!

As the biggest event on the UQMS calendar, the show runs 3 sold-out nights.

August 10-12 at the Schonell Theatre, St. Lucia Campus.


med revue 2014








Tom Vos, Juliana Ding, Bec Jenish, Jacqui Schott,

and Ian Anderson 2014 Med Revue Convenors.