Ross Andrews

Finance Specialist
Phone: 0488 767 722
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An accomplished finance professional with almost 30 years’ experience, Ross Andrews commenced working in the finance industry in Sydney in 1988, after studying economics at Sydney University.

In 1990 , Ross relocated to Brisbane, where he managed the Qld branch of K G Goodsall Financial Services for a number of years, before starting his own finance company, eLeasing. The rapid growth of eLeasing reinforced Ross’ expertise and depth of client relationships in medical and professional finance, and, after a number of years of successful trading, the business became part of a large medical finance group, ultimately merging with a highly profitable international private bank.

With many years of branch management and leadership experience, Ross consistently achieved record breaking results personally and for the Qld team, continuing to broaden his knowledge of the finance industry and the nuances of the medical specialisations and allied professions he supports. Having funded a large number of dentistry, plastic surgery, pharmacy, dermatology and cardiology practices, as well as fulfilling the personal finance needs of a multitude of medical and professional clients, Ross is widely known for facilitating innovative, optimally structured, highly competitive and fast finance solutions.

As one of the founding members of ProLENDING, Ross looks after clients predominantly across the eastern seaboard, with strong capabilities and referral networks across NSW, Victoria , Tasmania and Queensland. With the ability to source funding on the most appropriate terms from a range of Banks and non-bank lenders, Ross delivers unparalleled finance expertise and impeccable client service